About Us

We are a small private practice located in Boca Raton, FL that focuses on Neurofeedback and psychotherapy in order to help our clients reach optimal mental health. We are eclectic in our approach and do not believe in a one size fits all modality. We have networked in the community and are able to provide a referral source for clients needing additional assistance in reaching their goals.


Brain & Wellness Center strives to help bring education and optimal mental health to the clients that we serve. We enjoy utilizing all of our skills in order to enhance the quality of life and bring hope towards a better future for our clients.


  • Commitment-We are committed to our clients health and overall well-being
  • Respect-We respect that getting into optimal health takes time and effort
  • Education-We want our clients to be well informed of the latest research that our field has to offer
  • Relationships-We understand that optimal health requires a team effort
  • Cultural Competence-We are sensitive and respectful of diversity
  • Ethics-We bring the highest level of standards in everything we do
  • Privacy-We are compliant with all HIPPA laws