Welcome to your Attention and Focus in Children or Adolescents Checklist!

Does your child have issues with...

Problems with paying attention or concentrating when doing anything that they are not interested in (ex. Can focus when playing video games or doing something they enjoy)?

Unorganized at home and/or school and cannot manage time?

Unmotivated to perform tasks that are requested of him/her, or uncooperative unless it’s an activity they want to do?

Loses things easily or often?

Is easily distracted or easily forgets what he/she is supposed to do?

Fidgets or squirms in seat or can’t sit still at dinner or activities such as church?

Always on the go and/or talks excessively?

Blurts out answers to questions or interrupts others?

Will stare into space, daydream, or appear to not hear what you said?

Appear to have low energy, needs to nap or falls asleep easily in the car, is hard to wake up in the morning, or is sluggish and drowsy?

Fails to finish projects, turn in completed assignments, or is forgetful?

Gets easily frustrated, quick to anger, loses temper easily, and/or breaks things?

Refuses to perform requested tasks or complete assignments and is oppositional?

Deliberately does things to annoy others and/or blames others for mistakes or behaviors?



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