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How can neurofeedback improve learning skills?

Research studies show that several areas of the brain work together in the learning process. These separate parts of the brain communicate with each other at extremely fast speeds. If the timing of the communication is even slightly off, there can be impairment in the ability to learn. New research shows that “connectivity training” appears to consistently improve learning difficulties.

Neurofeedback training can improve the coordination and communication between different areas of the brain. Improved timing in the brain has a significant impact on one’s ability to learn. To use an analogy, even with good timing it is difficult to hit a baseball or volley a serve. Imagine how difficult it would be if your timing was entirely wrong. This is what it’s like to try and learn when the timing of communication in the brain is off. Neurofeedback directly targets the coordination and communication between areas of the brain to improve timing, and therefore learning.


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