Migraines and Headaches

Headaches and/or migraines can be very problematic for people. More times than not, they with have no definable trigger or seem to be triggered by multiple conditions. They can be caused by instability in the brain and/or inflammation.

The treatment for headaches and migraines happens in stages:

  • With an in depth clinical interview we can determine some general ideas of what is happening in the brain.
  • More times than not, a QEEG or brain map is not helpful in identifying the causes of the headaches/migraines and we might rely on the test to help with other symptoms.
  • The next stage is to start stabilizing the brain and affecting the blood flow/inflammation. This might not take the headaches completely away but will start improving the amount, duration or intensity of the headaches.
  • As you continue to train the brain to be more stable, it’s very common to start noticing fewer and more defined triggers for the headaches.
  • Throughout the process we investigate environmental, nutritional and social contributors to the headaches.

How can Neurofeedback Help?

Like with other conditions, we can evaluate and train the brain while taking medication and will discuss how different medications may affect the body and the tracking of symptoms.

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