CNS Medication Prediction Test

Often times when doctors prescribe medications it’s a trial and error process which aims at determining what medication will work best for the patient. The intent is to find the most effective medication with minimal side effects. During this process the patient may get some relief from the symptoms or issues they struggle with. However, often times the patient may become frustrated with the high dosages and/or the many side effects which are not helping the initial problem to begin with.

Therefore, CNS Medication Prediction Test uses PEER Technology which consists of data that is collected by physicians to provide objective information about medication response for similar patients. PEER combines crowd sourced data on physician outcomes with EEG, an accepted, well-normed test of brain function.

At the Brain and Wellness Center we are able to perform an EEG for the purpose of CNS Medication Prediction Test in order to help our clients get connected to the most suitable medication. The cost of the test is $400 for the CNS Medication Prediction Test with an additional $200 to record the EEG for a total of $600.

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